Anrealty is a real estate agency operating in Lithuania since 1997. Its main activities are real estate and transportation services. The transportation services include passenger minibus rental in Vilnius and Lithuania, freight minibus rental with drivers, roadside technical assistance, mini excavator rental, trailer and generator rental. Anrealty offers real estate listings, appraisal, and assistance in renting, selling, or buying real estate in Lithuania.


Anrealty  – real estate agency !

nekilnojamasis turtas

Anrealty – a real estate agency, will help you find your dream home!

Are you looking for a reliable and professional real estate agency? Real estate agency Anrealty is here to help you find great homes, apartments, plots or commercial properties according to your needs and expectations.

Why choose us?

1. Wide selection: We have a large selection of real estate – from modern apartments in the city center to idyllic estates outside the city. Whether you’re looking for a new home or investment opportunity, we can offer different real estate options that meet your needs.

2. Experience and professionalism: Our agents are experienced and well versed in the real estate market. They will provide you with professional assistance from start to finish – from finding and reviewing real estate to negotiating and closing deals.

3. Personal approach: We understand that each client is unique. Therefore, we strive to listen and understand your needs in order to find the perfect real estate for you. We will consider your preferences for location, size, style, and price.

4. Professional services: We provide all the necessary services in the real estate industry, including document management, assessments, legal assistance, and other related services. We aim to ensure that your real estate experience is convenient and worry-free.

5. Trust and transparency: Our main goal is to ensure your trust and satisfaction. We work honestly and transparently, providing you with detailed information about real estate, prices, and conditions. We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Discover your dream home with our real estate agency! Contact us!

Real estate advertisement in Vilnius

Anrealty offers real estate listings in Vilnius, Vilnius district and Lithuania. Houses, plots, and commercial premises are for sale. Apartments and plots are available for rent.


Apartment for rent near Lake Margis with a terrace

A cottage/house with a terrace for rent! Separate entrance! After a 3-minute walk – 150 meters – you’ll reach the shore of Lake Margis! The total area is small, only 31m². Everything you need for a temporary or permanent stay is provided: all necessary furniture, a washing machine, and a kitchen with all appliances. Fishing, swimming in the lake, barbequing, and other natural advantages that you won’t find living in an apartment! Rent is available for a year, but it’s negotiable for shorter periods. Additionally, it’s possible to rent a second-floor of the same area with a separate toilet and shower. We’re looking for quiet and tidy tenants.

Nuomojamas butas prie Margio ežero su terasa
Butų nuoma
  • Location: Markutiškių Street, Markutiškiai, Trakai district
  • Price: €450 per month
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Area: 31 sq. m.
  • Floor: 1
  • Number of floors: 2
  • Year of construction: 2007
  • Furnishing: Furnished
  • Building type: Brick
  • Heating: Electric

More information: HERE

Cottage/house portion for rent near Lake Margis with a terrace.

Cottage/house part for rent with separate entrance! Just a 3-minute walk to Lake Margis! Small area of 22m2. Everything needed for permanent or temporary living: all necessary furniture, washing machine, kitchen with all appliances. Fishing, boating, barbecue and other nature advantages that you wouldn’t find living in an apartment! Rent for a year, but shorter term can be negotiated. Looking for quiet and tidy tenants.

Nuomojamas kotedžas/namo dalis prie Margio ežero su terasa iš vidaus
Nuomojamas kotedžas/namo dalis prie Margio ežero su terasa
  • Location: Markutiškiai village, Trakai district. 
  • Price: €350 per month. 
  • Number of rooms: 1. 
  • Area: 22 m². Floor: 1. 
  • Number of floors: 1. 
  • Year of construction: 2007. 
  • Furnishing: furnished. 
  • Building type: brick. 
  • Heating: electricity, other. 
  • For more information click HERE.

Appartement for sale

Commercial premises for sale in Vilnius – Fabijoniškės! Ideal for commercial activities, possibility to build up to 5 floors. The premises come with partial finishing, with installations customized to fit your needs.

Patalpos pardavimui
Patalpos pardavimui nuomai viršus
Patalpos pardavimui projektas šonas

Features: – Personal, commercially zoned land (agreement with the state for the purchase of state land, land is redeemable until 2035); – Private building that can be rented out once furnished. 
The premises are perfect for a private clinic, beauty salon, massage parlour, hairdresser, or kindergarten, and have all necessary communications: water, a powerful 100 kW electricity supply, an autonomous floor heating system is installed, but central heating can also be turned on;
Three small 25 sq.m. premises are leased until 2035. The tenant can be left in place, or for 30,000 EUR + VAT, the tenant agrees to vacate within 6 months. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Total area – 193 sq.m; • Building purpose – Automatic telephone exchange facility (changeable to commercial); Year of construction – 1992; Building type – monolithic; Number of premises – 13; Two-story building with basements. The premises are divided with partitions, have a separate ventilation system, and waterproof inlets in every room; 
INSTALLATION: partial finishing is completed; Windows – plastic;  Floors – concrete (insulated); Walls – double gypsum cardboard sheets; Pipes are laid and cast (underfloor heating anticipated);  
COMMUNICATIONS AND SECURITY: Alarm system; Fiber Optic Internet connection;
Price: €200,000. More information: HERE.


“310 square meter hall available for rent on the 1st floor of Markutiškių road 24, Trakai district!”

Patalpos nuomai
Patalpos nuomai informacija
310 sq. m. space for rent on the 1st floor of Markutiškių road 24, Trakai district! Additional space can be rented if needed. Great environment with a nearby lake. Visualization of the possible layout is shown. Can be used as a conference hall, sports hall, children’s play area, warehouse, office, and additionally, there are 6 unfinished living rooms with a toilet. The purpose can be administrative, commercial, hotel, service, storage, production, or catering. The hall is available for long-term rental, and short-term rental is available by special agreement. The area is spacious with high ceilings and 4 entrances. The floor is made of concrete, and the space is heated. Optionally, a projector can be rented. Rent is €600 per month. For more information, click the link provided.


Residential land plots in the village of Gudeliai in the Vilnius district are for sale.

Parduodami namų valdos sklypai Vilniaus rajone, Gudelio kaime

For sale are 9 plots of land for homes, with a total area of 164 acres:

1. 10 acres – 30,000 EUR adjacent to asphalt

2. 10 acres – 24,000 EUR

3. 11 acres – 22,000 EUR

4. 10 acres – 24,000 EUR

5. 16.4 acres – 28,000 EUR

6. 12.31 acres – 24,000 EUR

7. 15.23 acres – 27,000 EUR

8. 30 acres – 40,000 EUR adjacent to the lake shore

9. 50 acres – 75,000 EUR adjacent to the lake shore

If you buy all 9 plots together, the price is 200,000 EUR

Beautiful and picturesque surroundings, lake, paved driveway. There is a possibility to keep a boat on the lake shore, fish, swim. If desired, there is the possibility to install a water body on your own plot of land. In winter, children can skate on the ice or play ice hockey.

Nearby there is a shop, and the lake is right next to the plot. Other plots of land are also available nearby. There is a communal water well in the village.

More information: HERE

Agricultural land plot of 50 acres is for sale in the village of Tarnėnai.

Parduodamas 50 arų žemės ūkio paskirties sklypas Tarnėnų kaime

A 50-acre agricultural plot of land is for sale 20 km from Vilnius near the Keturiasdešimt Totorių reservoir. It is suitable for a farmer’s homestead and bordered by a small stream that flows into the reservoir. The area is peaceful and ideal for building a home surrounded by nature. The neighboring property at Šlaito g. 4a has new residents. Electricity and water are available on site. The property can be purchased through installment payments. There are two adjacent 50-acre plots with separate cadastral boundaries, each of which can be developed into two separate farmer’s homestead projects. The price is 28,000 EUR. Additional information can be found at 


Real estate also offers transportation services to its clients. The main transportation services include: rental of passenger minibuses, bus rental in Vilnius, car rental in Vilnius, reloading services in Vilnius, passenger transportation in Vilnius, roadside assistance in Vilnius, and trips throughout Lithuania. Minibuses can be rented with or without a driver. They have a large fleet of minibuses and also offer trailer rental, vibro roller rental, mini excavator rental, and generator rental. The drivers who perform the rental of minibuses in Vilnius with a driver communicate freely in different languages, are professionals with a lot of experience and offer excellent service. The cost of travel depends on the size of the minibus and the duration of the trip. For more information on minibus rentals, click HERE.



Passenger transportation is carried out using microbuses of different sizes. Our motto is to perform our work in a quality and timely manner. Contact our managers and we will choose the most optimal travel option for you.


Kroviniu vezimas su tralu

Transportation services offer various vehicles for convenient and timely cargo transportation. We offer to rent a trailer for the transportation of especially large cargo, as it can carry what others cannot. Contact us and we will help you choose the best vehicle for your cargo transportation needs.


Technine pagalba kelyje Vilnius

“Do you need to transport an especially large load in case of an accident on the road? Don’t worry, with our trailer assistance, we will provide technical assistance on the road. We are prepared to help you on the road and guarantee a fast and reliable service. Trailer rental prices and conditions are provided HERE.”